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How to get your website listed on Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an essential process for getting your website listed on search engines. Organic or unpaid SEO will improve the visibility of your website by listing it higher in the search results, which means more visitors to your site.

When you are designing your website it is essential to make it friendly to search engines. Search engines can only read text so although a flash page may look fantastic it won't help you get indexed. It is important to give visitors the information they are looking for, especially on your homepage. By providing quality content you will increase both your human visitors and traffic from search engine bots.

Writing Content for SEO

When writing your website content use relevant words or phrases but make sure you don't fill your page with huge lists of keywords. This can actually damage your website as search engines bots and crawlers will consider these pages deceptive. Using relevant title tags for each page is essential as this is what will usually appear in the first line of results. It is important to use accurate descriptions and avoid using title tags with little or no relation to the page content.

Meta Tag Optimization

Another important tool in SEO are meta tags. A meta tag gives search engines a brief description of what each page on your website is about. Meta tags can include a few sentences or a short paragraph and should be a summary of each individual page and will often be shown in the search results.

Using friendly or easy to understand URL's is another way to improve your search engine rankings as well as making it easier for visitors to your website. Using relevant words in your URL's will provide more information about the page.

Design your site for the users

Make sure your website is easy to navigate for both visitors and search engines. This will make it easier for visitors to get from your homepage to more specific pages on your website. It is best to use text for navigation as this is easier for search engines to understand.

Relevant Links

Linking between related websites is another excellent way to raise your sites prominence in search listings. When other important sites link to yours it is considered a "vote" from that website. It is however important to remember that while natural links are beneficial to your websites some unnatural, paid for or link schemes that have been specifically placed to make your website look more popular can have a detrimental effect on your page ranking.

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